Executive Summary


            As a student of computer science I hope to eventually reach my goal of becoming a video game programmer.  With that in mind, I’ve decided to design a turn based game rather than a simulation for our class project.  The type of game I am going to create is referred to as an RPG or role playing game.  It will be similar to that of the original Zelda game for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).  Of course, my game will include different characters and will be a much smaller game, but the overall goal will be similar.

 My game will have 3 different animate characters.  The game will take place in a dungeon environment that will include 2 rooms.  The main character’s (who the user will be playing) ultimate goal is to defeat the final monster that I will refer to as the boss.  In order for the main character to reach the boss, the player must figure out how to get into the next room. To get into the next room the main character will have to utilize 2 inanimate objects, the first of which is a sword and the second is a key.  The sword will be placed somewhere in the room in which the main character starts in. 

The main character must pick up the sword and use it to defeat the first monster who will be walking about the room trying to attack the main character.  Once the player has defeated the first monster with the sword a key will appear.  The main character must then pick up the key and use it to unlock the door to the next room.  In the next room will be the boss in which the main character must also defeat with the sword.  The boss will be jumping about the room rather than walking as an increased difficulty level.  Once the main character has defeated the boss, the player has won and the game is over.

If at any time the first monster or the boss comes in contact with anything but the main character’s sword the main character will die and the game will be over.  If the main character does die, the game will start over as it had originally begun with all characters in their starting positions as well as the inanimate objects, i.e. the key and sword.

In conclusion, the game will be an RPG.  There will be 3 animated characters: the main character which the user controls, the first monster and the boss.  There will be 2 inanimate objects: a key and a sword that the main character must utilize to win the game.  There will be 2 locations: the first room in which the main character starts in and the second room in which the boss resides.  Finally there will be approximately 6 types of actions: a main character attack (with sword), an enemy attack (contact with main character), pick up (main character picks up sword and key), unlock ( main character unlocks the door to the next room),  walking (main character and first monster will walk about the room) and lastly jumping (the boss will jump about the room).


2 Responses to “Executive Summary”

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  2. Nicholas Says:

    This looks OK. I notice that you mention that it is turn based, but the entire rest of the description is realtime. Also the door might be an animate or inanimate object of some sort, since you don’t want the player to be able to unlock just any random part of the wall.

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