Hierarchies Descriptions: Action

I will have approximately 6 types of actions that will occur in this game.  There will be 2 types of attack, those done by the main character onto enemies and those done by enemies onto the main character.  An attack on an enemy will occur when the enemy is struck with the sword.  The attack will be triggered by the player when he/she presses the space bar.  An enemy attack will occur simply when any part of the main character’s body other than the sword, comes in contact with the enemy’s body.  A successful enemy attack will trigger the end of the game.

            Other events will include the main character picking up inanimate objects such as the key and sword.  Once the main character has come in contact with the sword or key, the object will disappear and be equipped to the main character to use.  There will also be movement actions such as walking and jumping.  The main character and first monster will both utilize the walking action that allows them to move up, down, left and right.  The boss will be the only character that utilizes the jumping action.  The boss will jump around at random to increase the difficulty of defeating him.

            Finally there will be an unlocking action that lets the player enter the next room.  The unlocking action will occur after the main character has defeated the first monster and has acquired the key.  Once the player has the key they can simply walk up to the door and it will allow you to enter the next room.


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