Hierarchies Descriptions: Inanimate Objects

The game I will be developing will make use of 2 inanimate objects.  The first of which to be utilized will be the sword.  The sword will simply be located in a fixed position in the room in which the game starts.  The player will direct the main character over to the sword and once contact is made the fixed graphic of the sword will disappear and become a part of the main character graphic.  Once the sword is acquired the player will be able to attack enemies but that will fall under the category of the action hierarchy.  The majority of the code for this hierarchy will involve collision detection between the main character and the sword itself.

            The other inanimate object will be a key.  They key will be required to unlock the door to then next room in which the boss resides.  When the game begins the key will not be present in the first room.  The player must first acquire the sword and defeat the monster in the first room.  After this has taken place the key will appear in the exact spot in which the first monster was killed, as if he was holding the key.  Again the player will have to direct the main character towards the key and once contact is made the key graphic will disappear and the main character will then be able to open the door.  The majority of the code for the key will again consist of collision detection.


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