My project so far

So far things have been going pretty smooth with the exception of a couple hiccups here and there I have no real complaints.  I’ve put in some collision detection methods into the classes of the objects that can be acted upon in the game.  Right now its just my key class that actually uses it, but soon I will have it being used all over the place by animates and inanimates alike.  The observer pattern has really come in useful in this collision detection stuff because I can have my main character being observed by the other objects like my animates and have them get updated with his coordinates and also I can have link observing the other animates in the room so he knows about there coordinates and I can then alter his movement patters so that for instance he can’t walk right through a statue or a treasure chest that I put into the room.  As far as the decorator pattern goes, I had a little trouble finding a real valid use for it.  What I ended up doing was using the decorator pattern to decorate these little blocks that I can place in the room.  I made some png graphics in gimp that simply lay red green or blue and any permutation of those colors over a block the block graphic and in turn I can make just about any color block I want.   Anyway, as a whole I feel like my project is coming along and the strategy’s are a big help.


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